A Brief Introduction to the International Exchange Center

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With the trend of globalization andinternationalization of education,High SchoolAttached to Northeast Normal University has already carried out the international exchange since 1990s. After a long period of accumulation and exploration, High School Attached to Northeast Normal University established international division, which marks a large span of progress in the international exchange and the curriculum system construction of our school in 2008. On this basis, the international exchange in our school has gradually made continuous improvement to the development of teachers, the exchange and development of students, and the construction of curriculum. Meanwhile the situation ofinternational exchangeis becoming more and more diversified , therefore our center is making effortstoopen up a new all-round prospect about international exchange that the exchange of East Asian Confucian cultural circle is paid more attention.High School Attached to Northeast Normal University has set up international relationship with Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, the USA, Canada, England, France, Israel.

In 2014, Dr Shiliang looked far ahead and aimed high, who integrated the foreign affairs of our school and improved the teacher development, student development, curriculum internationalization. The international exchange center was formally founded in August ,2015. In the future, the international exchange center is sparing no efforts to make contributions tothegoal of being world-class and “ Illuminating China, Influencing World” high school . The international exchange center’s task is concerned with the following parts:

Teacher Development: Promoting the program ofthe teacher trainingin the UnitedStates, Taiwan, South Koreaand in some areas;adhering to the idea that teachers should go abroad to further study and acknowledge a lot from the training; making breakthroughs in the situation of teacher’sinternational exchange; exploringand discussing the international exchange of other subjects and some skillful subjects. Maintaining and developing the relationship with the sister schools in the United States and South Korea ; struggling for the relationshipwith sister school in the Canadaand Japan.

Student Development: Perfecting comprehensive evaluation system of students; quantizing and measuring the relationship between the scores of students in school and the level of universities abroad; optimizing the policy of recommendation towards the universities abroad; bringing in the international famous universities to conduct lectures and recruit students so as to increase the communication and cooperation between our school and foreign countries; preparing for the International Education Exhibition in order to make the international exchange activities become scale and normalization; organizing students’ overseas examination and AP test;providing a service to the application of documents; making proposals to the students who plans to study abroad; offering opportunities to students for visiting universities abroad.

Curriculum Integration: Optimizing the curriculum structure of internationalexchange class; enriching class typesand offering the courses such as Korean, French, Germany, Japanese, SDP, TOEFL, International Education Comprehension in order to help studentsscheme out the road to study abroad.

Foreign Affairs:transmitting orders from the Office of Education and Education Bureau about foreign affairs; supervising the international exchange class and doing some liaison work; participatingin the international conference and offering service about international exchange to school , teachers and students with the help of more international platforms.